Dr. Steve Rasner
Learn “Six Things To Change NOW” from one of the top practitioners in North America!

The Thriving Practice: Six Things To Change NOW!

One of the highest rated TBSE speakers of all time is back!! Dr. Rasner opened his office in Southern New Jersey in an area that is nationally ranked for all the wrong reasons -  unemployment, poverty, and negative growth. Yet he managed to build an outstanding dental practice, grossing over four million dollars per year with just a part time associate! Along the way he has been named as a leader in dental education, been given a lifetime achievement award, and even received special recognition from the U.S. Congress! Ready to learn from his incredible success? At TBSE 2018 Dr. Rasner will be sharing:
  • Protocols to get even “out-of-network” patients asking for your services!
  • Strategies to skyrocket case acceptance and increase cash flow!
  • “Monday Morning” gems you won’t hear anywhere else!
  • Leadership principles to truly turn a “staff” into a “team!”
  • Winning ways to bounce back even after a great setback!
  • Much, much more!
After 24 years of TBSE, we can truly say there is no one else out there who can even touch Dr. Steve Rasner when it comes to teaching and motivating in dentistry. So what are you going to do? Certainly not miss this!!