Dr. Hazel Glasper
How health, function and esthetics can change lives and grow your practice!

Dentistry’s Perfect Storm – How Health, Function and Esthetics Can Grow Your Practice And Change Lives!!”

One of the things we love doing at TBSE is finding incredible speakers who are the “next big thing” and put them on the big stage in Vegas! And with Dr. Hazel Glasper – you are in for a treat! As the owner of “re·vive DENTAL,” a highly successful comprehensive practice in Maryland, Dr. Glasper is on the forefront of technology and patient care. But her mission is to advance the perception of dentistry, helping dentists and team members adopt a comprehensive approach that links oral health to the body as a whole. And what she will teach from the TBSE stage will change your attitude as a dentist, and improve your life and the lives of your patients forever. Don’t miss it!