Announcing some of the speakers who will help to make TBSE an amazing event! They sure are not the “same old same old” you see at every other meeting!
Scheduled to appear at TBSE 2017:
Dr. Howard Glazer
Dr. Sargon Lazarof
What’s Hot And Getting Hotter!

Why settle for what’s hot in dentistry right now when you can learn what’s about to get hotter!

Recently named one of the “Leading Clinicians in Dental Continuing Education,” Dr. Glazer specializes in predicting and teaching about the techniques and technologies that will propel you and your practice into the future!

Joining Dr. Glazer is Dr. Sargon Lazarof, an amazing dental innovator, inventor, clinician, teacher, and someone who has been called “The Elon Musk of Dentistry”

Among the many things he will be talking about at TBSE 2017, there is one new technology that will have you saying “I can do THAT in my practice? WOW!” Best of all….

TBSE 2017 is the first major meeting where anyone will be hearing about this!!

Ready to grow your practice? Then you simply gotta be at TBSE 2017!

Howard Glazer & Sargon Lazarof
Eva Grayzel
Eva Grayzel
Tongue-Tied: A Story Not Silenced By Oral Cancer.

One American dies every hour of every day from oral cancer. Eva Grayzel came close to being part of this statistic. The details of her delayed diagnosis, intensive treatment and residual side-effects bring to life the story of a real patient, just like the ones in your practice. Through her story, you will fully appreciate the dentist’s and team’s role in the cancer journey. You won’t just hear her story – you’ll experience it – and it just may be a lifesaver! If you need to reignite your passion for not just saving teeth but saving lives, don’t miss this incredible moment at TBSE!

Laura Hatch
Your Dental Office Rocks!

Laura Hatch could be the hottest up-and-coming dental speaker today! Her exciting methods for increasing team productivity, treatment plan acceptance, and practice profits are outstanding – and she will be sharing them from the TBSE stage! You will learn things like:

  • How to turn a disorganized team into an efficient, productive, happy one!
  • Why team training can result in higher treatment plan acceptance!
  • Patient retention secrets – get them referring and coming back for more!
  • Much more!

There’s a new leader in team training – and she will be at TBSE 2017. Don’t miss Laura Hatch!

Laura Hatch

Dr. Damian Blum
Dr. Damian Blum
Sleep Dentistry Made Simple!

Since treating sleep apnea patients has been our most requested clinical topic of the year, we have decided to bring you one of the best practitioners in this field! Dr. Damian Blum – “The Sleep Doctor” – is here to straighten out all of the confusion and show you how you can improve lives while creating a huge new profit center for your practice. Best of all – you can start with your existing patient base and be extremely busy right away! Are you ready to:

  • Help your patients live better, healthier lives?
  • Get a fantastic new profit center in your practice?
  • Tap your existing patient pool (i.e. no external marketing!!)?
  • Simplify what appears to be a complicated topic?
  • Add $10,000 or more (much more) to your monthly production?

“The Sleep Doctor” has done it and are ready to show you how!

Dr. Anissa Holmes
Facebook Marketing for Dentists!

Confused about marketing your practice on Facebook? Not sure if it can be done? Since this was the MOST requested marketing topic for 2017, we went all the way to Kingston, Jamaica to find the world’s top authority on Facebook marketing for dentists!! Dr. Holmes will definitely deliver WOW! She will be teaching:

  • How her Facebook campaign got a 5000% ROI and how you can too!
  • One simple change to “scale” your dental practice to run without you!
  • Easy shifts to eliminate dental office stress!
  • How to build a winning team, work less, and earn more!!

We are so excited for Dr. Holmes’ first TBSE appearance, and you gotta be there!

Dr. Anissa Holmes
Dr. Dan Drubin
Dr. Dan Drubin
Shake It Up!

If you’ve been to TBSE before, you may already know – Dr. Dan Drubin is the master of change! He brought the crowd to their feet last year with his message of practice growth, inspiration and personal fulfillment – and has promised to top himself in 2017!

We have had motivators and inspirational speakers on the TBSE stage many times over 23 years, but there is no one who can touch Dr. Dan! If he doesn’t get you fired up, motivated, and ready to go back to the office firing on all cylinders, you may need to check your pulse!!

Scott Shellstrom
Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci!

Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, scientist, architect, musician, writer, astronomer, and more. Dentists and team members are clinicians, business people, customer service experts, psychologists, and much more! But how can we be like da Vinci and excel at all of these things? Artist, comedian, and motivator Scott Shellstrom is ready to show you how!

In his fast-paced and engaging talk, this award-winning speaker will teach some simple skills to help you:

  • Excite and unite the entire team!
  • Use innovation to increase productivity!
  • Figure out unique solutions to everyday challenges!
  • Discover your own inner da Vinci!

Plus – he will do something on the TBSE stage that has never been done before – something you won’t ever forget (and maybe even take home with you)! Scott is the perfect person to open up TBSE 2017, and just one more reason why “You’ll be there!”

Scott Shellstrom
Elijah Desmond, R.D.H.
Elijah Desmond, R.D.H.
Creating The Ultimate Team and Patient Experience!

“Guygenist” Elijah Desmond is a force to be reckoned with! Besides being a talented hygienist, he has created five successful dental businesses – and he is just 29 years old! He is without a doubt the hottest up-and-coming speaker in dentistry, which means we had to put him on the TBSE stage! In this brand new talk, Elijah will be teaching some simple steps to:

  • Create a patient experience so compelling that referrals are a given!
  • Utilize your team’s strengths to better serve your patients!
  • Present treatment in a way that truly leads to “YES!”
  • See why social media is incredibly important in the perception of your practice!
  • Make an unforgettable first impression and get it right every time!
  • So much more!

It’s practically a crash course in increasing production through exceptional customer service. And of course it’s only at TBSE 2017 in Las Vegas!

Dr. Roy Shelburne
A Prisoner Set Free!!

Dr. Roy Shelburne actually went to prison for doing something many dentists do every day without even giving it a thought! At TBSE he will tell his enlightening story and help to make sure it never happens to you! You will learn:

  • What form you use every single day that is actually a legal document and how it can come back to haunt you!
  • Why something you actually did may “not exist” when it comes time to defend yourself!
  • What you need to know before you delegate things to your team (this is important)!
  • You may be doing everything “by the book” – but the lawyers may not agree!
  • Many more mind-blowing tips!

If you ever thought “this could never happen to me” – think again! You need to see Dr. Roy Shelburne at TBSE 2017!

Dr. Roy Shelburne

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