Dentists who attend TBSE report that they
earn more, work less, and
love what they do like never before!
It really is “The Best Seminar Ever!”


TBSE is the only seminar in dentistry where dentists and team members learn how to grow their practices like crazy, increase their incomes, and experience the latest and greatest dentistry has to offer!

So what makes TBSE different?

  • TBSE has the best blend of speakers in dentistry and beyond to help grow your practice and enhance your life!
  • At TBSE you will learn actual specific strategies to increase your income and enjoy your practice more!
  • You don’t have to pick and choose – you get to see every single session! Plus – the entertainment and fun are over the top – there is nothing else like it in dentistry! It’s a dental rock concert!!
  • TBSE is all about doctors and team members – and that’s the best way to build your practice!
  • TBSE combines learning and fun so the enthusiasm and motivation stick once you get home!
  • You won’t get lost in a cavernous exhibit hall – all exhibitors are hand- picked by invitation only with services to truly grow your practice!
  • At TBSE, you get to share information and learn from successful practices from all across the globe!
  • Did we mention that TBSE is at the fabulous Rio All-Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas?????

Still not sure about TBSE? Here is what dentists and team members are saying:

“ALWAYS a great seminar – entertaining and down to earth. Every time I attend I learn something new. TBSE ROCKS!”
Liljana Petroua
“TBSE helped breathe new life into my boss!”
Laura Albro
“It is a great seminar. The enthusiasm and personal anecdotes were much appreciated. There were a ton of great ideas that got me thinking.”
Meaghan Latuja
“Loved all the energy and happiness for dentistry and patients.”
Virginia Ferver
“Great Seminar! Great Speakers…Great Exhibits…..learned and bought stuff that will really benefit our dental practice! Speakers were amazing! Thank you!”
“Thank you so much for another wonderful time at TBSE! Your choice of speakers was amazing and we learned and signed up for so many things we never would have without your seminar!”
“Wow! Fourth time and it was more motivating than ever. TBSE continues to move my All-Star Staff to do great things in and out of the office.”
Dr. Nick Brajevich
“This was the best of any of the seminars I have ever attended! … the speakers and information were off the charts! Woo Hoo!”
Karen McNulty
“It was our first time there and it was truly “THE BEST SEMINAR EVER”
Karen Graf
“This was my first TBSE seminar and I loved it! Every speaker gave me something to apply to my office and my life.”
Dahana Naranjo
“Simply the best seminar out there. Nothing else compares!”
Dr. Herb Hubstone
“Great energy and enthusiasm mixed with tons of information!”
G. Mason Jones
“Elevates dental seminars to a new level!”
Dr. Neil Hiltunen
“Enjoyable and fast moving – this is the best seminar we have been to!”
Barbara Keen
“We are better at what we do because of TBSE!”
Michael Goldstein
“We always take home numerous pearls about life and dentistry. Don’t complain about being burnt out and bored – go to TBSE where the cool people hang out! At TBSE they keep the party of knowledge going!”
Dr. Emily Letran
“I am not sure I can put into words my thoughts of TBSE! I never have cried, laughed or felt so much warmth in my heart ever! Especially at a dental seminar! I really think this seminar will be life changing and hopefully open the doors and windows to my heart and soul!”
Dr. Katie Lazard
“I can truly say that I have never been as motivated or as energized by anything I have seen or done within dentistry as I was by TBSE. I learned more about practicing, but also about myself and my potential that I have ever dreamed possible. The speakers were funny, motivating, informative, and at times very moving. I intend to use everything I have learned to better every aspect of my life. Thanks again for such a terrific event!”
David N. Grayson

And if you sign up now, we are offering an incredibly low tuition!!

or call 1-800-258-0060

The regular tuition to come to TBSE this year is $1197 for doctors and $497 for team. Every year it sells out! This past year was no different. Many offices attempted to sign up too late and unfortunately were turned down.

For a limited time we would like to make you (and a select group of other offices) a very special offer. Register now and your tuition will be only $697 for docs and $397 for team members!

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And how about TBSE’s location, the number one meeting spot in the world – Las Vegas, Nevada?

The shows, the shopping, the incredible dining, the night-life hotspot of the universe – there’s a reason every celebrity chef and shopping destination has an outpost there. It’s where normal people mix with the rich and famous, sophisticated dining meets “In N Out Burger,” luxurious shopping, fun gifts and a “party all night” atmosphere all collide. In short – it’s the perfect location for TBSE!

And of course you get all the usual TBSE goodies! The big party on Friday. First class, hand-picked exhibitors. “Show Us Your TBSE!” costumes! More fun. And of course…

The most ways to ramp up your practice, motivate your team, and increase your income!

TBSE 2017 will be better than ever and all bases will be covered! You know you need to be there – so sign up now and get your discount before it goes away forever!



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Think about it. Two days of the best learning and team building in the entire profession, 16 CE credits, a vacation, meeting new people and hearing success story after success story. You would be missing an unbelievable opportunity to experience the BEST seminar in dentistry if you did not come, especially at this price!

TBSE 2017 will be the event that cannot be missed!

Appearing at TBSE 2017…

At TBSE 2017 you will learn things you won’t see at any other seminar. And when you leave, you’ll be pumped full of the right knowledge and tools to renew your enthusiasm for dentistry and have the best and most successful practice ever!! (You’ll also be exhausted from two straight days of top-notch learning!)

We are proud to announce the most incredible lineup of fun, inspiring, and practice-building speakers you will find at any dental meeting.

TBSE 2017 takes place at the beautiful Rio All-Suite Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 10th and 11th, 2017. And now for the first time, we are ready to announce some of the speakers who will help to make TBSE an amazing event! They sure are not the “same old same old” you see at every other meeting!

Rio Las Vegas

NOW is the time to register. TBSE 2017 and the incredible Rio All-Suites Resort Hotel are generating an incredible amount of buzz and we are fully expecting a sellout. Best of all, as a TBSE attendee you can stay at this world-class hotel at an amazingly low rate of just $129.00 per night! It’s the best deal in Vegas!

Call it a seminar, call it a meeting, call it a vacation, call it a dental spectacle — call it whatever you like. The bottom line is…

You need to be there! And at this SPECIAL TUITION, there is no excuse to miss it!

Please keep this in mind. You’re surely planning to do some type of continuing education this year. TBSE 2017 will be your sure bet! Even if you are uncertain, or were not necessarily planning anything yet, this will be the most important dental event of the year — you and your team need to be there with the best practices in North America!

The only question left is:

Who will you be bringing??

This special price is only good for a limited time! So please take a few minutes right now to figure out how many from your office will attend TBSE 2017. At these prices, you should certainly bring the entire team! Once you do, sign up below! You will receive a confirmation from us shortly thereafter. We will also keep in close touch so you will be the first to find out all of the details as they are announced!

Ignored by the dental throwaway mags, corporate dentistry shills, organized dentistry ivory towers, and big dollar dental industry pickpockets, “TBSE” remains the best practice growth seminar in dentistry after 23 years!!

Sign up now for
TBSE 2017 in Las Vegas – the dental experience that will last a lifetime!

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Not tempted enough? Well, here you go. At TBSE 2017 you not only get two days of the most practice-growing, motivating, team-building, best education in dentistry and more – WE WILL ACTUALLY GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL INCREASE YOUR INCOME!! As a matter of fact – we will give you our never heard of…

“10 X guarantee!”

Here’s the deal – attend TBSE 2017 and use everything you learned for an entire year. If your practice collections do not increase by TEN TIMES what you paid for your tuition, we will refund ALL of your money PLUS up to five hundred dollars to help cover your travel and hotel!!

No other seminar in the world can offer this because there is nothing like TBSE!

or call 1-800-258-0060